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Before Bach: German Masters of the 17th Century

Gut Reaction with special guest violinist Ingrid Matthews 

Jesse Irons and Ingrid Matthews, violins
Sarah Darling and Jason Fisher, violas
Kate Bennett Wadsworth, cello
Byron Schenkman, harpsichord 

Johann Hermann Schein: Suite XV from Banchetto Musicale (1617) 
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Lamento sopra la morte di Ferdinando III (1657) 
Johann Pachelbel: Ciacona in D Major for harpsichord
Romanus Weichlein: Sonata III from Encaenia Musices (1695)


Johann Jacob Froberger: Tombeau sur la mort de M. Blancrocher (1652) for harpsichord
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sonata II for violin and continuo (1664)
Johann Rosenmueller: Sonata XI a 5 (1682)
Johann Rosenmueller: Suite in C from Studentenmusik (1654) 

Tour presented by the Cambridge Society for Early Music.